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Bunion diagram A bunion is a prominent bump at the base of the big toe, often causing the big toe to rub or fold under the second toe. Bunions can cause pain, problems with shoes and even arthritis. With outpatient surgery under local anesthetic we can reconstruct the problem area and make your feet look and feel good again. It’s usually possible to get you on your feet on the day of surgery. (Click for larger image.)



HammertoesWith this condition the toes are bent or crooked, causing a “corn” or redness on top of the toes. Sometimes a simple procedure such as trimming the corn, using a toe pad or using wider shoes may solve the problem. For more serious cases, we can fix hammertoe by straightening the toe surgically, either in the office or as an outpatient – and have your feet looking good again. (Click for larger image.)


Ingrown Nail
With this condition a nail grows into the skin which can cause pain, redness or even infection. The ingrown nail can be clipped out or the root can be “killed” to prevent future recurrence.

Fungal Nails/Athlete’s Foot
A common germ causes athlete’s foot,  a fungal infection in the skin or between the toes. When this fungus gets under the toe nail, the nail will turn yellow, dark or thick. Oral or topical medication can cure the fungus.

Arch Pain/Flat Feet
The plantar fascia, a ligament on the bottom of the foot, becomes inflamed when the arch falls. This causes arch pain or plantar fasciitis. Patients often try to fix this problem with a one-size-fits-all commercial arch support. Not a good practice with something as unique as the human foot. The most effective treatment is to have a podiatrist construct a mold of the feet and create a custom, rigid arch support (orthotic) that totally supports the planar fascia and relieves the pain for good.

Heel Pain
Xray of foot with heel spurSimilar to arch pain, the planar fascia becomes inflamed at the attachment to the heel. This can cause a heel “spur” and creates heel pain, especially when walking around after a prolonged sit. A custom orthotic (arch support), injections and stretching can often fix this problem. With more serious cases surgery or lithotripsy (non-surgical) ultrasound is necessary. (Click for larger image.)

Warts are a skin eruption caused by a virus (verucae) that can be facilitated by some physiological stress. Most warts are harmless (though unsightly).The podiatrist can deal with the problem by cryotherapy (freezing), surgical excision, injection or topical or oral medication.

Diagram of neuromaNeuroma is caused by an irritated, enlarged nerve, usually the nerve located between the third and fourth toes.  This results in shooting pain when the person is standing or walking. Orthotics and local injections can help. Sometimes the problem must be dealt with by surgery. (Click for larger image.)




There are 26 bones in the feet, more than any other part of the body, plus all the joints and tendons. That means a great deal of wear and tear. When the joint cartilage wears down, arthritis develops. If the tendons are overused, tendonitis develops. If these conditions aren’t treated, the result can be chronic pain or foot deformities. Orthotics, physical therapy, injections and special shoes can help alleviate these aches and pains.

Diabetic Foot Problems
Diabetes affects 6% of the US population,  roughly 15% of them will have some foot or leg problem at some time in their lives. Diabetes can have a devastating effect on the foot and leg, resulting in non-healing foot wounds and in severe cases, to leg or foot amputation.

With regular visits to a podiatrist, most diabetic foot problems are preventable.  See our Diabetics and the Feet page for tips on prevention. Our staff can work with your insurance company if you need custom shoes or insoles.

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